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The Last Breath of Gunthar Uth Wistan

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This is the adventure I wrote to launch a new 5E Dragonlance campaign last year.

A few words of introduction. The Last Breath of Gunthar Uth Wistan is a continuation of a War of the Lance campaign that ran for literally decades as we all strove to get together often enough to bring the game to its successful conclusion. To understand our Ansalon post-War of the Lance and therefore the background of the adventure, be sure to check The Age of Rebirth campaign page. Many of the elements described there are all drawn directly from the events of our old game. Where the text deviates from established canon, it is because it’s my game, and I can do what I want. 🙂

Think of the Age of Rebirth campaign as a kind of canonical reboot. It has — or will have — elements of Age of Chaos, Age of Mortals, etc., but all mashed up and re-imagined.

The adventure is designed to be run with PC’s who have connections — direct or tenuous, it doesn’t matter — to the heroes who ultimately defeated Takhisis, and these connections will come into play later-on.

It’s for a party of 4 players, starting at 1st and ending at 4th level. The adventure is divided into three chapters. I used milestone XP, and leveled the characters to 2nd at the end of the first encounter (before they’re given their mission by Lady Gissarm) and subsequently at the end of each chapter. If you use encounter XP, your experience may vary, especially during the first encounter when there are foes that greatly outmatch the party. The assumption there is that the Whitestone forces present at the event handle the big fish. If during the rest of the adventure your PC’s level too quickly, the danger is that the finale will be somewhat trivialized by powerful magic.

Encounters in the adventure are designed very much on the deadly end of the 5E encounter guidelines scale. This is because I consider the baseline difficulty of 5E to be a little generous as a rule, and also because my group tends to be able to handle extremely difficult encounters with a somewhat min-maxed level of ease.

Also, while I enjoy writing adventures in a style which assumes DM’s other than myself are going to run it, the text regularly assumes knowledge of what has gone before and lacks detail where I expect the actions of the PC’s to either drive or mess with the narrative.

Regarding the adventure “maps”… All I can say is, I’m sorry.

And finally, there may be the odd swear-word in there. Definitely NSFW.

If you download the adventure and have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email by clicking on my name at the bottom of any blog post! Please do NOT post questions in the comments which might give anything away from the adventure. There are forward-looking sections in there designed to add context to some of the encounters, but my players aren’t yet aware of any of that background.

And finally-finally, to my players: I love you guys, but you really shouldn’t be here. Shoo.

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