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The Knights of Solamnia

The Solamnic order recovered quickly from its banishment during the Age of Despair.

The houses of Crownguard and Tallbow were quick to capitalise on reports that their sons not only stood with the Heroes of the Lance, but might well have fought by their sides at Neraka, and used this information as a clarion call for others to submit stories of knightly valour during the war. “Oath’s Account”, as the movement came to be called, gained momentum, and tales of extreme bravery and courage in the best traditions of the Oath and the Measure flooded in.

Stories from the Account were transcribed into a series of tomes which are now venerated almost as much as the Oath and the Measure themselves, a model for virtuous deeds during testing times. Soon, candidates from all over Ansalon were presenting themselves for consideration as squires of the Crown; less than a year later, at the High Clerist’s Tower, Grand Master Uric Gustan called to order the first Knightly Council of the new era.

Solanthus was painstakingly rebuilt after being ravaged by the Dragonarmies during the war, and re-incorporated as the region’s capital. In 356 AC, Uric finally returned the Knighthood’s flag to its ancestral home in Solamnia.

From there, the Order dutifully executes its mandate: defend the Whitestone Accord, advance its interests at the behest of its representatives, and purge all evil from the Plains of Solamnia and surrounding lands.

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