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The Dragons of Krynn

Although absent from the final victory at Neraka, the good dragons of Krynn, having returned from the exile forced upon them by Takhisis’ lies, were crucial to Whitestone success during engagements at Sanction and other locations across Ansalon.

D’argent, known as Silvart in her elven form, answered a summons from the Heroes of the Lance too late to make a difference at Neraka, but was both proud and saddened to hear of their success and subsequent disappearance in the final battle. Instrumental in the re-discovery of the Dragonlances, and therefore in the ultimate success of the Whitestone forces, she was quickly offered a seat as representative of all dragon-kind on the Whitestone Accord, but she declined on behalf of her race. It was not for the dragons, she said, to guide the fates of mortals in an era of peace.

The dragons stationed at Kalaman withdrew, taking a few favoured souls with them. Since then, they have played no part in Ansalonian politics, although a delegation to Kalaman did reveal the location of a new enclave in the highest peaks around the High Clerist’s Tower, and issued an open invitation to trusted ambassadors from the Whitestone Accord.

This is not to say that dragons have withdrawn from the world’s affairs in the manner of their exile before the war. Sightings are reported daily, and the thrill of seeing a great winged silhouette pass through the clouds overhead is a much more common occurrence than it was during even the time of Istar.

Rumours persist, however, of a split in the metallic ranks, a rift between those who wish to embrace draconians as true children of the wyrm, and those who wish to see these abominations simply wiped from the face of the world. This is considered dragon business, and although draconians are commonly found in the ranks of mercenary and ex-Dragonarmy forces faced during Whitestone and other related actions, there has been no concerted effort – as yet – to hunt them down. Representatives of the Accord would surely seek guidance from the dragons before embarking on such a genocide.

Meanwhile, the chromatics, freed from the yokes of the Highlords, have returned to terrorising the populace and establishing territories throughout the world. Since dragon populations were greatly reduced during the war, these would-be conquerors rarely risk the wrath of an assembled or organised foe, let alone the considerable might of a Whitestone task-force. Instead they prefer guerrilla actions against weak foes. It is of considerable shame to these embittered and arrogant beasts that the once-mighty backbone of the unstoppable Dragonarmy has been reduced to such ignominy.

Of the famed chromatics, rumours persist that Skie, once-companion of the long-dead Dragon Highlord Kitiara, has made a lair in the mountains around Pax Tharkas, plotting revenge against the Heroes of the Lance that took his beloved Kitiara from him. While there are certainly reports of a large blue living in the region, its identity remains unclear. Keeping track of such a dangerous refugee from the War of the Lance would be of great interest to the Accord, however.

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