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Divinity in the New Age

Lorendle of Solace, wielder of the fabled Disks of Mishakal, forged the path that is now walked by all the members of the Holy Orders of the Stars.

His protégé Elistan, having established the first new cathedral to Mishakal in the plains south-east of Palanthas, quickly became, by virtue of his power, wisdom and, it must be admitted, his previous association with that legendary mentor, one of the most famous names on Ansalon. As de-facto head of the new priesthood, he was at first stridently (and publically) reluctant for any member of the church to sit on the Whitestone Accord, believing that a similar folly was instrumental in the fall of Istar and the collapse of civilization during the Age of Despair. However, a visit to Kalaman and (by all accounts) a lengthy conversation with Lord Gunthar, eventually changed his mind.

It thus became customary for the highest ranks of the Holy Orders to choose an emissary who would sit on the Accord for a period of one year and speak on their behalf. To honour the memory of those who kept faith in the early days of the War of the Lance, this emissary was called the Seeker.

And such might the story have since been written, except for the tragedy of Vitari Kuyan, whose strange powers brought her to the attention of the priesthood at a young age. A mystery even to her teachers, who never felt they could adequately explain the girl’s abilities, she showed peerless wisdom, grace and strength of heart, and at the age of 21 was, by some margin, the youngest Seeker voted into the position by the Order.

However, after setting out on the long and dangerous journey from Ergoth to Kalaman, a rite of passage required of all Seekers, she simply disappeared. No sign of Vitari, her entourage, or the caravan in which she had been travelling was ever found. Elistan, distraught at the news, retreated into isolation before simply disappearing from Palanthas a week later. No-one has seen him since, and both his fate, and why he would feel her loss so keenly, remains unclear.

With the restoration of the Holy Order of the Stars, most of the heathen religions which sprang up during the Age of Despair have been revealed for the lie they always were. Some, however, have proved to be more tenacious than others. The Seed Witches out of Abanasinia have moved up into Southlund, where their followers now spread towards Solamnia. In Lemish, the Last Breath ritualists have attracted followers of Chemosh and spread insidious propaganda about the doomed fate of mortal souls. And from its core in Krelland, the strange preachings of the Sundered Wyrm, are gaining voice across Ansalon.

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