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About Me


This is a blog about roleplaying in general, and 5th Edition D&D in particular. D&D has always been my roleplaying sauce of choice, and 5E, it’s current incarnation, is as sleek and focused a version as I could ask for.

Who is this mysterious DM I’m supposedly chasing? Me… or at least, future me. Somewhere out there is the DM I aspire to be. He constructs brilliantly complex, accessible, and rewarding campaigns for his players; he has endless inspiration about where his game should go next, how he’s going to do it, and how the players can have maximum fun in the process. His knowledge of the rules is peerless. He smoothly and authoritatively adjudicates disputes; he imposes himself when needed, and becomes little more than a shadowy facilitator when not. He truly is a master.

He’s out there somewhere. I know it! I’ve seen his fleeting shadow. I stepped on a d4 he dropped once. I might never catch him, but it’ll sure be fun trying.