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Rule Books and Game Aids

D&D Starter Set Released
Player’s Handbook Released Review
Monster Manual Released
Dungeon Master’s Guide Released
Dungeon Master’s Screen Released
Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide 3rd November 2015


Dead in Thay (PDF) Released
Scourge of the Sword Coast (PDF) Released
Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (PDF) Released
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Released
The Rise of Tiamat Released Clarifications 1 (WotC board)
Princes of the Apocalypse Released First Impressions Review
Out of the Abyss Released

From the Internet

5E spell spread-sheet by Mouseferatu (Ari Marmell)
5E monster spread-sheet by Mouseferatu (Ari Marmell)
The great list of D&D 5E adventures by MerricB

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